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VERBOCONNECT clients benefit from our economies of scale. We constantly update our technology and software. These costs are spread across our extensive client base. As a result, our clients benefit from advanced technologies they could not afford on their own.

VERBOCONNECT constantly monitors the latest developments in software, automatic customer handling and voice recognition solutions.

VERBOCONNECT platforms are regularly updated with the latest trends and technological advancements.

VERBOCONNECT suppliers are world recognized leaders providing modern solutions for contact centers.

NUANCE Intellectual IVR system with NUANCE/LOQUENDO voice recognition and synthesis. TTS and ASR modules offer affordable technologies tat enhance automation and streamline expenditures.
Verint Voice analysis system that offers an irreplaceable state-of-the-art tool for evaluating interaction with customers and enhancing the quality of customer service.
Altitude Software that fully controls customer incoming calls.
Avaya Integrated hardware and software that manufactures solutions for corporate telephony and contact centers.

Modular Solutions

The technological solutions offered by VERBOCONNECT are the most advanced in the world of contact centers. Companies-customers are provided with specially tailored modular solutions that meet specific requirements.

Interactive voice menus with voice recognition make it possible to automate the delivery of supplemental information (i.e. working hours and location), inform of terms and conditions, and ways of granting various services.

Voice recognition system, integrated with a CRM system, makes it possible to build an efficient system of interacting with customers, including corporations.

Automated SMS mailing, integrated with a CRM system, makes it possible to inform customers about company news, promotions, status of purchase orders; implemented for reminding of the result of cooperation and much more.

Automated out call system with voice synthesis makes it possible to carry out customer service satisfaction surveys.

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