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VERBOCONNECT clients operate a wide variety of businesses. All require efficient interaction with both existing and potential customers.

VERBOCONNECT custom designs programs:

  • for incoming calls – to both answer questions and take orders from customers
  • for outgoing calls – to generate both sales and feedback surveys from customers

VERBOCONNECT trains its people to regard each individual customer as the client’s valuable asset.


Tech - KREP Customer information campaigns for services, reminders and renewals.
Uralsib National scale reception management. Incoming call processing. Satisfaction surveys. Outgoing campaigns. Customer information campaigns.
tns Gallup polls, both surveys and interviews. Secret customer service.
Evroins Customer base updates. Renewal of insurance certificates. Customer satisfaction surveys.
East express bank Sales of lending products.
OTP bank Sales of lending products.
Nazbank Sales of lending products to individuals.
MASMI Frequent marketing and Gallup polls.
VZIOM Gallup polls.
AKADO Gallup polls.
NAFI Digital TV and internet sales.
schlumberger Polling both consumers and corporations. Secret customer service.
  Creation of in-house reception management system. Processing and routing of incoming staff calls. Providing information to incoming subscriber calls.
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